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Welcome to TXTer!
TXTer is a simple web-based application to send SMS TXT messages from a web-based application rather than a phone. It is designed to fill that gap when you want to TXT but SMS phone TXTing options may not be available. You may have wi-fi but not cell service or you wish to send a TXT message not using your personal cell TXT number.

In addition, there is an option to send a TXT message equivalent by sending what is called a TXTer message. You can send and receive TXT like messages without having to use the SMS / TXT phone gateway at all.

This application was built from a small set of modifications of the Web+Center suite of Help Desk and Internet collaborative applications. This TXTer program was written as a customization of the Customer+Mobile application, one of the 7 applications available for instant customization for your business and applications.

Included with the Web+Center suite is ready made modules for everything from customer databases, issue tracking, asset management, SMTP, SMS messaging with full screen and mobile interfaces.

Build your next Internet collaboration application using Web+Center's suite of 7 products all carefully designed for cross browsers and platform compatibility. Check out Internet Software Sciences on web for complete details and contact us for feedback and helping to map your next idea with Web+Center.