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Case Summary: How can I verify I have the current version of Web+Center?
ID: 85
Date Created: 06/27/2000
Last Modified: 06/27/2000
Problem Type: Question
Item: Tech+Center
We have created a special set of tools to help Web+Center users stay current with the latest Web+Center versions with enhancement and bug fixes. To see which files are out of date with the current Web+Center release, use the browser and access the page: http://yourhost/techcenter/checkversions.asp

This will verify files in the techcenter directory for your installation.

To verify files in the customercenter directory, use the URL of: http://yourhostname/customercenter/checkversions.asp

Carefully follow the instructions on each page to update particular pieces of software. These files are included in the techcenter and customercenter directories after June 27, 2000. To get these files, download a new version of Web+Center into a different directory that you have currently installed Web+Center and extract these files.

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