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22 Oct

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Case Summary: Additional steps required for configuring Web+Center with Windows .NET Server 2003
ID: 798
Date Created: 01/28/2003
Last Modified: 01/28/2003
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Tech+Center
To add a new tech, the license key code uses the a special C++ Compiled ISAPI dll called techsupp.dll. To run this Create User in the techcenter to work properly on this webserver configuration, one must add the dll "installation directory\Internet Software Sciences\Web+Center 4.0\TechCenter\TechSupp.dll" to the "Web Service Extensions" in the IIS6 control console. The dll needs to be set to "Allow". The extension name can be what you prefer, but I used "ISS Tech+Center DLL" . Without this change, you will not be able to create any new techs. We recommend for (3) tech users to modify the existing default tech accounts rather than deleting tech accounts and creating new ones. This step should also be listed in the 4.0 installation guide.

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