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Case Summary: Administration Button does not work or problem with adding new techs.
ID: 749
Date Created: 12/04/2002
Last Modified: 12/13/2002
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center 3.5
If the administration button does not work, first check all of the file permissions for the entire web+center folder and reset any file security permissions to just everyone full control and remove all other users and then reboot the machine and try again. If you are able get the web+center application to run except for the administration button then try reviewing the ODBC drivers listed below.
If only the Administration button does not work but the rest of the Web+Center works, then there is probably is an issue with an older ODBC drivers that should be replaced. One should check to see if the MSVCRT.DLL and MFC42.DLL are old and need to be updated. It may be necessary to rename these files in a command prompt to allow them to written into the Windows/system32 directory.
This issue is also listed on the MS site at:
>MS Knowledge Base Article

Also check out MS knowledge base article # 259403

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