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Case Summary: How to assign a case to a tech automatically from Customer+Center
ID: 601
Date Created: 03/15/2002
Last Modified: 03/15/2002
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center 3.5
Although we don't recommend especially if your organization grows or if that one tech is NOT daily checking for their cases, the case could not be properly dispatch and missed BUT... we do have some
custom code that can be quickly uncommented to serve this purpose for very small support organizations.

One should edit the DoCaseForm.asp in the customercenter directory and search for the string 'InitialTechAssignment', which should be around line 237. Uncoment this line and set the proper tech_id (css-XXXX) for the tech that you want all cases to be initially assigned to. Save the module and close it and all future cases will be directly assigned to this tech. Don't forget that this change has been if you add more techs and do not want this feature.

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