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Case Summary: Configuring SQL*Server for Web+Center
ID: 60
Date Created: 06/06/2000
Last Modified: 06/06/2000
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center Installation
Configuring the SQL*Server version is more complicated than the Access database version for various reasons. Listed below are some of the common problem users experience while configuring SQL*Server versions of Web+Center.
(Problem 1) Restoring the database - To restore the database, the file must be copied to a path on the d:\ drive. SQL*Server requires that databases be restored from the same path they were backed-up from. Temporary create a d:\MSSQL directory to restore the database.

Problem 2 - Can not change or you do not want to change the SQL*Server sa password.
To use a different userid and password, create a new user and give them full rights to the webcenter database. Create the ODBC DSN with this new user and verify it passes the connection test.
Then you must edit the three following ASCII files with the new userID and password combination. In the techcenter and customer directories under the webcenter tree, edit the db_define.inc files with the new connect string. In the c:\winnt\system32 directory, edit the css_access.dat file with the new webcenter connect string for the first two lines. Restart the server completely and try to log in. If you have problems, we recommend you get the access version working first, then work on changing the database.

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