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Case Summary: Installation Diagnostic Tools
To help solve some installation problems, we have created some webpages to help debug installation and configuration issues.
ID: 58
Date Created: 06/02/2000
Last Modified: 06/23/2000
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center Installation
To help solve installation and configuration issues that vary across the numerous IIS web server versions and various database options (Access or SQL*Server), we have created a set of installation diagnostic web pages that should help debug some initial configuration and database connectivity problems. If you have downloaded after June 2, 2000, then simply run the html file called installtest.htm which is located in the /techcenter directory. To access this file, enter http://hostname/techcenter/installtest.htm
Then follow the directions for each of the 6 tests to test database reading, writing, and email connections.
To download these files for earlier installations, download the WebCenterDiagnostic.zip file and install these files in the techcenter directory inside of the webcenter installation.

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