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29 Oct

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Case Summary: How can we send a link to let the tech directly log into techcenter in the email that is sent when the customer updates a case and a link in the email in the customer when the tech updates the case?
ID: 576
Date Created: 02/28/2002
Last Modified: 03/06/2002
Problem Type: Question
Item: Web+Center 3.0
To do this, one must enable and configure some code that already exists in DoTCaseform.asp module (Tech+Center) and the DoCaseForm.asp module (Customer+center). For the DoTCaseform.asp modification, search for the text SendCustomerCenterLink and then uncomment the necessary lines and edit the customer+center virtual directory name if necessary. For the DoTCaseform.asp module in the customercenter directory, search for SendTechLink and uncomment the code and configure the edit the Tech+Center virtual directory definition. It is important that the virtual directory name is defined exactly as it is called and it is case-sensitive... Tech30 is different than tech30.

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