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Case Summary: Changing default sort order for Tech's Open Cases Page
ID: 567
Date Created: 02/15/2002
Last Modified: 02/15/2002
Problem Type: Question
Item: Tech+Center 3.5
The Tech's Open cases Page (My Cases) or mycases.asp can be called with a sortby parameter as a querystring variable.
To change the behavior of the My Cases button, edit the Toptions.asp and modify the line that calls mycases.asp to call mycases.asp?sortby=severity (for example to sort by priority). You can also choose the ascending/decending option by setting an additional query string parameter ascend=DESC or ascend=ASC like:
If you want change the default behavior when the tech first logs in, you can change this by modifying the DoTechLogin.asp or the DoTechLoginLic.asp and search for the mycases.asp string. Add similar query string parameters to this frame based call to set up the default sort to something other than the case number.

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