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Case Summary: Problem running Administration Button ... More Test options
ID: 544
Date Created: 01/31/2002
Last Modified: 02/01/2002
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Tech+Center
If your Administration button is giving an HTTP 500 error or other page error, then the ISAPI dll is not running properly. The administration button uses a different web scripting method that is different from the other button and may require additional configurations. The Admin button uses the MS ISAPI dll technology and the it references the database with ODBC and possibly a slight different database driver than the ASP pages.
To confirm that you can run any ISAPI pages on your webserver, we have created a very simple ISAPI dll that simply display two lines of HTML text and does not attempt to connect to the database. Download this testdll.dll from our test at Test DLL and then load it into your techcenter directory and then call it like http://localhost/tech30/testdll.dll. If you can see two lines of HTML, your can at least run ISAPI DLL's. If you get an error, then your webserver is not configured to run ISAPI. If this does run, then you may have to update your database drivers which can done by loading Access 2000 or MDAC updates.

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