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22 Oct

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Case Summary: Edit User Page and Email Message gives error message with SQL 2000 Database
ID: 531
Date Created: 01/22/2002
Last Modified: 01/22/2002
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Tech+Center 3.5
This error has only been reported by SQL 2000 database users when first installing and configuring Web+Center. This appears to be due to the SQL script that loads the default data is not properly loading the email_text database table with the default record and the application expects there to be at least one row.
To solve this problem, use the SQL*Server enterprise manager and go directly into the email_text table (in data mode) and add one row to the database filling in all of the text fields with at least some text like the word HELLO. Then save that table so the data is saved. Then you should be able to call that administration function to edit the user page and email messages since one row will now exist.

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