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28 Oct

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Case Summary: Can't get Administration Button to work in Tech Center
ID: 528
Date Created: 01/18/2002
Last Modified: 01/28/2002
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Tech+Center
There are three reasons we have discovered by this button and special ISAPI fails. Please try all of these options to make this button work. This button does use a different web environment than the other button and this Admin button calls an ISAPI dll rather than calling a ASP page.
If this button fails, please the checking the following:
1) Make sure the virtual directory has both script and execute permissions.
2) Open up the security permissions to everybody full control on the techcenter directory and database directory.
3) Reboot the machine once any security changes are made.
4) The database driver may be corrupt or out dated. You may try installing Access 2000 to load a new or updated version of the ODBC drivers.

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