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29 Oct

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Case Summary: Hosting the Web+Center website at a dynamic DSL connection
ID: 414
Date Created: 09/07/2001
Last Modified: 09/07/2001
Problem Type: Question
Item: Web+Center 3.5
With the difficulty of getting static IP address for your webserver, one vendor that we know has created the software that will allow a user to host a web server, and the Web+Center software on DSL machine that has a dynamic IP address instead of a fix address.

The vendor www.dns2go.com

the company Deerfield.com has will create a pseudo DSN mapping for you that can be dynamically found when users connects.

Although we have not tried or connected them directly, it has appeared to work for one of our customers. This will be helpful for small shops who can not get a static IP DSL connection to their business which I guess is true in Canada and other countries.

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