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22 Oct

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Case Summary: Can't get past the Tech+Center log-on page
ID: 410
Date Created: 09/06/2001
Last Modified: 09/07/2001
Problem Type: Comment
Item: Web+Center Installation
Some users experience a problem running the login script and it appear to fail on the read file stream ASP functions. To bypass this function, edit the default.htm file in the techcenter directory and replace the string "DoTechLogin.asp" with "DoTechLoginShort.asp" in the form tag call and save the file.

Now refresh the login page and try logging in again. We have had some issues with the ASP function to read ASCII files and this will by pass that check.

Other have resolved this problem by resetting the permissions on the Inetpub directory to less restrictive since it appears that permissions on some of the IIS directorys will disable this function. You will probably not be able to run checkversions.asp either if you have this problem. You should contact MS to determine that that function is failing.

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