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Case Summary: How to debug an ASP script error?
ID: 407
Date Created: 09/04/2001
Last Modified: 09/04/2001
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center 3.0
If you get an ASP script, it is often easy to determine the cause of the problem by the following approach.

Most ASP errors will indentify the exact line number of the module and type of error (such as type matching problem, null string, no record found, etc.)

If you open up the ASP module with an ASCII editor that has line number (such as Textpad Editor available from
www.textpad.com), you can view the table column reference and it may help you fix the problem. Some ASP occurs because tables in the database are not properly initialized and a Invalid use of Null error will appear. This reviewing of the ASP script will point to the exact table and column where the error is occuring and it can be fixed by going directy to the database and setting that column to a non-null field.

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