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22 Oct

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Case Summary: Customer+Center Searches display all cases
ID: 405
Date Created: 08/24/2001
Last Modified: 08/24/2001
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Customer+Center
Versions previous to version 3.5 were putting non-null empty string values in the Case_Summary and Case_Resolution fields for each case ticket by mistake. When a customer performs a case search with the Customer+Center, it will return many of these cases since the SQL query will return values where the case_summary or Case_resolution fields IS NOT NULL. It appears that the IS NOT NULL function returns non-null and empty strings values while the function ISNULL() only returns true Null values.

To fix your database and remove those empty string but non-null values from your case_summary fields and the case_resolution fields, grab the script called FixNonNullEmptyFields.asp in the techcenter directory and run it to fix these fields back to true null so the customer searches will work correctly.

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