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22 Oct

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Case Summary: How can I send emails to group members before it is assigned to a tech and not send emails to group members after it has a tech assignment.
ID: 389
Date Created: 08/01/2001
Last Modified: 08/01/2001
Problem Type: Question
Item: Web+Center 3.0
To configure this type of email notification control, one will have to directly edit the DoTCaseform.asp script in the TechCenter directory and the DoCaseForm.asp script in the Customercenter directory.

In the DoTCaseform.asp module, search for the text:

Approach 1

Below this line, the calls are made to the two functions that perform the email notifications to techs and group techs.

These functions include:
(1) SendEmailToAssignedTech()
(2) SendEmailToAssignedGroupTechs()

If you do not want to send emails to techs once it is assigned to a group, change the line calls the function:


To these 3 lines instead:

If Tech_ID = "" Then
End IF

This should only send out emails when the tech_id has been set.

A simillar fix can be applied to the customer+Center DoCaseForm.asp module as well.

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