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19 Oct

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Case Summary: When attempting to add support staff to a support group, I get the error, "Failed to update recordset". This problem occurs only with SQL*Server versions dated before May 4th.
ID: 36
Date Created: 05/04/2000
Last Modified: 07/12/2000
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center Installation
There is a missing default value for one of the fields in the groups table for the SQL*Server version. The new case notify field must be set for default of 0. To do, use design mode of the groups table and set the default field for this column to zero.
Two other changes maybe required for the groups table. Add a new column named GroupsID of type int and for this field do not allow nulls and set it to the an idenity field. Set this field to be the primary key instead of tech_id.

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