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29 Oct

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Case Summary: Customer error on updating case: Type mismatch error in DoCaseForm.asp line 194
ID: 359
Date Created: 06/27/2001
Last Modified: 06/27/2001
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Customer+Center
We has occured before for users of a special browser on a non PC or mac platform.. possibly Lynx... but we have created a code work around to handle this problem in the new version.

Please confirm that your line number 194 in the DoCaseForm.asp module is

CategoryValue = Request.form(CategoryColumn)

The new lines to handle this browser error is:
If CategoryValue = "" OR IsNumeric(CategoryValue) = False Then
CategoryValue = 0
Else ' Value must be set so check if this defines a default group
CategoryValue = Request.form(CategoryColumn)
End IF

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