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Case Summary: Access Database Connectivity Problems with Windows 2000
ID: 351
Date Created: 06/21/2001
Last Modified: 06/21/2001
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center Installation
Some user experience installation problems when running the Web+Center application with the Access backend database.

Typically these database connectivity issues can be solved by one or more of the following settings:
(1) The ODBC DSN set should not use any UserID and password. It should be recreated from scratch without any UserID and passwords.
(2) Check the file security permissions for the webcenter30.mdb file located in the database directory. It should only be set for everybody full control and no other users. Depending upon the level of the user that install the application, it may not have the rights to let the web application use the database.
(3) If the program is installed under program files (default) directory, directory level permissions may be inherited from updirectories and set too restrictive permissions for the database file.

To handle this, look at the permissions for the directories and see if permissions are inherited that may be too restricted for the web application to access it.

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