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Case Summary: Administration Button Does Not Work
ID: 344
Date Created: 06/06/2001
Last Modified: 06/06/2001
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Tech+Center 3.0
Some user can get the system working but clicking on the Administration button gives an error. This has been fixed in some installation by downloading the Web+Center application again into a different directory and copying over the Techsupp.dll file out of the newly installed techcenter directory and replacing the original Techsupp.dll file. It appears that sometimes this large binary file is corrupted during download somehow and getting another copy of the file solves the problem. Besure to reboot the server before attemping again since this DLL file will be cached in memory and requires a reboot to unload and reload the new version.

Another way to get just that file is rename the techsupp.dll file located in the techcenter directory to Techsupp.dll.old and then run checkversions.asp script in the tech30 directory. The techsupp.dll file should appear so click on that file link and just download that file replacing the former techsupp.dll file. Besure to reboot the server to replace that cache version.

The other option to check is to verify that the ODBC user name and password are NOT set for the access database under advanced settings. This should not be set.

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