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22 Oct

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Case Summary: Case updates are slow due to many notificationd through SMTP servers
ID: 3382
Date Created: 10/30/2017
Last Modified: 10/30/2017
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center 9.0
If your Web+Center system takes a longer time (longer than 2 seconds) to return after submitting a trouble ticket, it is probably the slowness of your SMTP connection that is slowing you down.

Try adding this one line to the SendEmail.inc around line 335 in the language directory. The exact location of this instruction is not that specific so long as it is called after oSMTP object is created and before the mail is sent.

oSmtp.Asynchronous = 1 ' Enable asynchronous code

Add this line and see if this solves some of the email slowness. If your ticket notifications go to 5-10 folks for each update and if some are mailboxes outside of your domain it might take a while to finish all of those connections before returning so this allows it to return faster.

Contact Internet Software Sciences if you case updates are still slow.

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