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Case Summary: How to configure and host multiple Web+Center installations on one server.
ID: 329
Date Created: 05/03/2001
Last Modified: 05/03/2001
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center 3.0
One can host more than one instance of Web+Center on a single server by changing the following files. For licensed user, one must purchase an additional license agreement for each hosting beyond the initial database instance. Each instance requires a license. Multiple free (3) tech version can be installed and hosted on a server without a special license.

To configure a second Web+Center configuration, modify the following files or setups:
(1) Install the application into a unique directory.
(2) Setup the virtual directories naming then as needed. Besure to set each directory application permissionas maximum protection and isolated process.
(3) Setup a ODBC DSN whose name is not webcenter30_db. For this example, lets name our ODBC setup webcenter30_db_2.
(4) In the techcenter directory, replace the webcenter30_db reference to webcenter30_db_2 in the line that defines the myDSN=webcente... in the file named db_define.inc.
(5) Do the same modification to the db_define.inc files located in the businesscenter and customercenter directories.
(6) In the css_access.dat file located in the techcenter directory, replace the webcenter30_db line in that file to the new webcenter30_db_2 definition.
(7) In the techcenter directory, there is a file called businesscenter.asp. Edit the top portion of that file where it says:
BusinessCenterVirtualDirectoryName = "business30"

Replace this business30 with your Business+Center virtual directory name.

(8) In the Business+Center directory there is a file named Techcenter.asp. Near the top there is a line labeled:

TechCenterVirtualDirectoryName = "Tech30"

Replace the Tech30 with the virtual name you have setup for the Tech+Center.


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