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Case Summary: Web+Center File Attachment fails after Windows KB3104002 update on December 9 2015
ID: 3287
Date Created: 12/09/2015
Last Modified: 12/17/2015
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center 8.0
UPDATE: 12/17/2015 -

MS has release a hot fix to resolve this problem:


We have official fixes available now!! https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3125446

You will need to click on the 'Hotfix Download Available link', select the appropriate OS then enter email address. You will then get an email with a direct link to the hotfix installer.

Hotfixes available right now:

- Win8.1/Win2012 R2 (IE11)
- Win7/Win2008 R2 (IE11, IE8)
- Vista/Win2008 SP2 (IE7)

We also have additional hotfixes available very soon (hopefully in next day) for Win2012 and Win2008. I'll update this post once those are available.

Update 1.7.2016 - I've applied this hot fix since the windows update program continued to re-download the 4002 update every night causing it to break again. There are notes on the forum about this issue that is should be fixed in the patch available on MS patch tuesday which is the second tuesday of the month.

Mini FAQ:

"When will fixes be on Windows Update?" - The hotfixes in the link above need to be manually installed. Automatic patching via Windows Update will be available approx. mid Jan 2016.

"What if my configuration is different from what's available via Hotfixes?" - The hotfixes are meant to unblock customers running on the most common server platforms. There is a large matrix of potential configurations depending on OS and IE versions. The Jan updates from Windows Update will cover a much wider range of configurations than what the hotfixes target. If you're still blocked, cannot wait until the January updates and the hotfixes doesn't address your configuration then please contact Microsoft support for assistance (see my post above for more details).

David So [MSFT]


The Windows update: KB3104002

affects how multi-byte forms are processed with Web+Center and other ASP /VB language applications. Many vendors and applications world wide are now failing with this update with file attachment forms and other applications that use arrays with VB.

Please review this thread on the IIS site concerning work arounds and updates.

There is another site that has narrow the issue down even more with some code work around. Please visit this page for more details:



You might have other applications that might also fail with this Windows update. Since it is such a wide spread issue, MS should be releasing a fix to this issue.

To uninstall the update, launch Windows Update, select ”Installed updates” from the bottom of the left menu, which generates a list of all updates that were installed. Select the update for KB3104002 from the list, and click uninstall.

Update 12/11/2015 - In the IIS online moderated Forum listed above, MS has replied that they are looking into this issue so hopefully future (soon) updates will fix this problem they have created.

We noticed that after we removed that MS update, it went ahead and re-installed that update again last night so if the error occurs again, check to see if windows updated re-installed the KB3104002 item again.

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