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Case Summary: Using Gmail for Email To Case stopped working
ID: 3206
Date Created: 11/10/2014
Last Modified: 11/12/2014
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center 8.0
Google has implemented new security settings that prevent our pop server from reading incoming pop mails. This is a setting you can configure at


Simply select the less secure option.

Make sure the TLS google gmail pop code is also uncommented in the EmailToCase.asp module with the lines

' Code for SSL connections or special ports for Pop Mail Services like Google
' Uncomment the two lines below to enable

' oPop3.ServerPort = 995
' oPop3.SSL_init

This was solved by resetting the email account password - Not sure why this helped but here is a theory -

if google detects some unusually activity on your account, like web+center sending emails out through it or reading, it sends an email to the secondary address telling you someone is trying to access your account and maybe blocks that account until you reset the passwords which may be requested in that email.

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