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Case Summary: Jumping of case numbers by 1000 or more after Failover or Restart of SQL Server 2012 Results in Reseed of Identity
ID: 3174
Date Created: 08/21/2014
Last Modified: 08/21/2014
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center 8.0
A very significant and important issue for Web+Center users using SQL*Server 2012 as the backend database. This issue of SQL*Server randomly making new seed indexes for identity columns after a reboot will causes un-explained jumps in case numbers.

Please review the MS article on the issue at:


The work around is to set this T272 flag as specified below:

Here are the steps

1. Open "SQL Server Configuration Manager"
2. Click "SQL Server Services" on the left pane
3. Right-click on your SQL Server instance name on the right pane
4. Click "Properties"
5. Click "Startup Parameters"
6. On the "specify a startup parameter" textbox type "-T272"
7. Click "Add"
8. Confirm the changes

--- Update 8/27/2014 - We have a client who this flag did not work or appears not to work so we are looking at alternatives into our code.

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