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Case Summary: How to change the default priority value to another value besides default (0) - Priority not defined
ID: 3153
Date Created: 05/12/2014
Last Modified: 05/12/2014
Problem Type: Question
Item: Web+Center 8.0
This can be easily changed in the Customer+Center and Tech+Center by modifying a single value in DoCaseForm.asp (customer+center) and DoTCaseForm.asp (Tech+Center).

In Customer+Center, Search for the lines:
If Case_Severity = "" Then
NewRecord("Severity") = 0 ' Set back to 0 (un-assigned)
NewRecord("Severity") = Case_Severity
End IF

Change the (0) in this line to your priority number like (3) as:
NewRecord("Severity") = 3 ' Set back to 0 (un-assigned)

In the Tech+Center Directory, a similar change is required in DoTCaseForm.asp module. Search for the line:

NewRecord("Severity") = 0

and make the same change there.

This does not modify the Tech Case form to show the default value as it sets this value after submitting the tech form.

To change the tech+center case form to show priority 3 in the dropdown by default, we added this one line:

If Case_number = "NEW" Then ' Default severity to 3 for new cases
Severity = 3
End If

in the area where we display the priority dropdown list.

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