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Case Summary: How to configure SMTP and POP support for Microsoft Office 365

ID: 3131
Date Created: 04/03/2014
Last Modified: 05/07/2014
Problem Type: Question
Item: Tech+Center
Outgoing SMTP :

Server name: smtp.office365.com
Port: 587
Encryption method: TLS

To enable this, edit the SendEmail.inc file located in the language directory with the following change:

Uncomment the three lines and set port to 587

'oSmtp.ServerPort = 587
'oSmtp.SSL_starttls = 1

Email To Case - Pop Port 995 and SSL
To configure this option, edit the file EmailToCase.asp in the techcenter directory and look for the 2 lines of code:

' oPop3.ServerPort = 995
' oPop3.SSL_init

Un-comment these two lines (remove leading single quote character). Save this file and confirm it works.

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