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Case Summary: How do you edit/add/customize fields for Web+Center asset management?
ID: 3125
Date Created: 03/25/2014
Last Modified: 03/25/2014
Problem Type: Question
The asset component is designed to be customized by end users with their own asset label definitions.

To configure your own custom asset labels, perform the following two steps:

In the language directory, edit the file called AssetLabels.inc and uncomment the one line that says

'CustomAssets = "YES"


CustomAssets = "YES" (remove single quote character at start of line)

Save this file.

Now open and edit and customize the file in the language directory called


You can redefine and customize both the section name and individual field names.

To reduce asset form clutter, if you remove a definition for a field name, it will disappear from the form. Removing a section name will remove a whole section from the form.

Starting with Version 7.5, there are new options to asset categories .

Refer to the user guide at


If you have this file from a previous version 7.5 installation it should be able to copied over.

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