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Case Summary: Problems with Send Email for Office 365
ID: 3052
Date Created: 08/01/2013
Last Modified: 08/01/2013
Problem Type: Question
There are several changes one needs to do to successfully send emails using Office365.

The SendEmail.inc file in the Language directory needs to be modified as follows: Uncomment (by removing the apostrophe) in the following lines:
oSmtp.ServerPort = 587
oSmtp.SSL_starttls = 1

For office 365, you should not use smtp.office.com as server address. You should go to Office 365 "Outlook" -> "Options" -> "See
All Options" -> "Account" -> "My Account" -> "Settings for POP, IMAP,
and SMTP access". You will get your Office 365 SMTP server address and port. Then you can use your Office 365 SMTP server, port, user/password in the codes.

By default, Office 365 SMTP server uses 587 port and explicit SSL (TLS) connection.

Please note that it is also required that the "Default Reply-To Address:" field is the same SMTP user name (otherwise I believe the connection will be rejected for trying to send mail from a different address).
As of the SMTP servers, both work (Outlook.office365.com and
smtp.office365.com). I used smtp.office365.com because it is on my settings.

I have used Outlook.office365.com for mobile devices like iphones and androids.

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