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Case Summary: Instructions Changing links for running on HTTPS secured servers
ID: 3017
Date Created: 03/06/2013
Last Modified: 01/14/2016
Problem Type: Question
Item: Web+Center 7.5
if you are running https, there are a few places in the system that need to be customized to change links that traditionally point to http:// to https://

NOTE: Starting with Version 9, this can be done by simply editing the code configuration option in the CodeConfiguration.inc file in the language direction and selecting the https versus the http configuration option. The new code for this option listed at the end of the this FAQ.

Here is a list of module changes:

(1) Email Notifications - Login links from Tickets

In DoTCaseForm.asp (Techcenter directory) and DoCaseForm.asp (Customercenter) directory, search for the keyword "CaseLink"

Modify the caselink from http to https

2) Attached file to cases,
DoAttachFileToCases.asp (Techcenter)
DoAttachFileToAssets.asp (Techcenter)
DoAttachFileToProject.asp (Techcenter)

Look for the keyword "FullFileURL" and then customize this line

FullFileURL = "http://" & hostname & Virtual_Path

' Possible customization might be required here if using a alias like Help desk so this line above
' might be replaced with

'FullFileURL = "http://" & hostname & "/wcfiledownloads/"

For CustomerCenter File Attachments"
DoCDownload.asp (Customercenter directory)

search for FullFileURL = "http://" & hostname & Virtual_Path

Customer Surveys: If enabled, Web+Center will send a email with a survey link that points to a page in the customer+center directory.

DoSingleSurvey.asp (Techcenter)

Edit the line

CaseLink = "http://" & hostname & Virtual_path & "?CN=" & Case_Number

Version 9.0 changes which could be integrated into your own version:

To make it easier and generic to modify all created links to point to https:// versus http:// for email notification links and attached files, the following changes were made to those files listed above.

In the files listed below, we use a hardcoded ASP line of code like:

CaseLink = "http://" & hostname & Virtual_path & "?CN=" & Case_Number

We replace the first part of that string "http://" with a Visual Basic global variable we define as http which is created in CodeConfiguration.inc file in the language directory. This is called in all Web+Center modules. That variable is set to either http:// or https://

The new ASP code, for example, for the line caselink line above would be

CaseLink = http & hostname & Virtual_path & "?CN=" & Case_Number

http get replaced with https:// or https://

If your do a global file search for "http://" and find places in the code where this needs to be corrected, it can be relaced with just http (no quotes around it) .
This feature should be available in version 9.0 or later versions of 8.0 as this is not a database change.

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