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Case Summary: How can we enlarge the size of the Case Summary and Case Resolution Text Boxes in the Tech+Center Case Form ?
ID: 300
Date Created: 03/21/2001
Last Modified: 03/22/2001
Problem Type: Enhancement Request
Item: Tech+Center 3.0
This can be easily changed by editing the TCaseform.asp module in the Techcenter directory. The size of these text boxes are defined in lines 633, 638, 666, and 669. You can also find these lines by searching for the string 'name=summary' and 'name=resolution'.

The current HTML tags are:
textarea name=summary wrap=virtual rows=3 cols=60
textarea name=resolution wrap=virtual rows=3 cols=60

To make them larger, change the row=3 to something like rows=6 or rows=8. Make this change to the ASP module with an plain ASCII editor like notepad or Textpad and save the changes. This should be a configurable item in future releases.

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