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Case Summary: Installing Web+Center on 64 bit Windows OS
ID: 2886
Date Created: 01/05/2012
Last Modified: 01/05/2012
Problem Type: Question
Item: Web+Center 7.0
If you are installing Web+Center on a 64 bit OS and plan to run the IIS, application and database in 64 bits, listed below are some additional notes.
(1) Your database must be a 64 bit version of SQL. Access is only supported with 32 bits and you must use 64 bit of SQL, not 32 bits versions
(2) The ASP mailer must be upgraded to 64 bit version. instead of the 32 bit version that comes with the original .exe file.

If you are installing Web+Center Version 7.0 on a 64 bit IIS platform, you must install the latest 64 bit versions of our ASP mailer and our POP mail reader from Email Architech to be compatible.

Download the < href = http://www.inet-sciences.com/Version764bit.zip>64 bit Versions Components from our website and register them with the regsvr32 dll registry tool. Unregister the 32 bit versions that came with the original 32 bit installation.

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