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Case Summary: How do you configure Web+Center to send email to Google Email Server that require TLS/SSL?
ID: 2883
Date Created: 12/15/2011
Last Modified: 02/01/2019
Problem Type: Question
Item: Tech+Center
(1) Configure your SMTP settings on the system configuration Options page to

SMTP Host: smtp.gmail.com
User: Your full gmail email address (supportXYZCompany@gmail.com)
Passwor: Your gmail account password

(2) Edit the SendEmail.inc located in the language directory with the following change:

Un-comment (remove the single quote character at the beginning of the lines) the 3 lines:

oSmtp.ServerPort = 465
oSmtp.SSL_starttls = 1

NOTE: 2/1/19 - While debugging this for a client, we found that it didn't work on port 465 but it did work on port 587. If it doesn't work on 465 try port 587.
Save this file and test your email connection.

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