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Case Summary: Installing Version 7.0 on the same system with Version 5.0/V6 installation causes Emails sending error of Trail Version Expired
ID: 2810
Date Created: 06/30/2011
Last Modified: 03/13/2012
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center 5.0
If you are getting the error message:

AOSMTP.Mail.1 error '80020009'
ANSMTP Trial Version Expired!
C:\DATA\SERVICESITES\50\TECHCENTER\../Language/SendEmail.inc, line 307

You have installed and registered (regsvr32) our licensed ASP mailer aostmp.dll in the ASPMailer Directory of Web+Center that comes with Version 7 that requires a different license key than the older aosmtp.dll ASP mailer for V6 or V5.

If you wish to run both a V5, or V6 and a V7 at the same time, you must choose to use and register (regsrv32) the aostmp.dll in the V5/V6 installation in the ASPMailer directory or the V7 version of that same file. Only one aostmp.dll can be registered per machine.

If you are using the Web+Center Version 7 of the ASP mailer, then you must copy and replace the screenformats.inc file from the V7 language directory into the V5/V6 language directory. If you are using the V5/V6 version of the mailer, then you should copy screenformats.inc from the V5/V6 directory into the V7 language directory.

To register the aosmtp.dll, you should launch a DOS prompt, navigate into the appropriate ASPMailer directory and then enter the command regsvr32 aosmtp.dll

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