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Case Summary: Common Problems and solutions when installing Web+Center on 64 bit Windows OS
ID: 2763
Date Created: 04/14/2011
Last Modified: 04/19/2011
Item: Database
There are several issues that can come up when installing Web+Center on a 64 bit OS platform. Below are some recommended steps to solve these issues.

(1) Configure IIS in 32 bit mode as outlined in newsletter


(2) Also, follow the second step of that article which runs the 32 bit version of the ODBC driver. There are two ODBC administrators, a 32 bit version and a 64 bit version. If you are running IIS in 32 bits you must run the 32 bit ODBC administrator

(3) One should enable full ASP errors in IIS 7.0 by reviewing the steps in newletter article:


This is critical if you are getting ODBC errors or other ASP errors and need additional debugging information.

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