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Case Summary: Direct OLE-DB Connect String for Access/Web Server Crashing problems with Access
ID: 275
Date Created: 03/02/2001
Last Modified: 03/28/2001
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center 3.0
To posibly help solve some problems with the Access ODBC driver which are not thread safe and thus could cause problems when mulitple users access the Web+Center at the same time, there is another connect string that one can put into the db_define.inc files located in the techcenter, customercenter and businesscenter directories.

Currently the connect string is:
myDSN ="DSN=webcenter30_db;uid=wc30;pwd=wc30pass"

One can replace this with (all one line):
myDSN="provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; data source=c:\program files\internetsoftwaresciences\webcenter\database\webcenter30.MDB"

Where the source name is the full physical path of your file.

We will be by-passing the ODBC DSN for ASP files if we use this direct file source definition. We still need the ODBC DSN for when the techsupp.dll calls the database so do not remove the DSN.

One should also download a new version of the Jet Driver from microsoft to fix a performance problem with the OLE-DB driver. Listed below are instructions on how to get the appropriate JET driver patch for your operating system.
For Computers That Are Running Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows
98, or Microsoft Windows NT 4.0:
Use Jet40SP5_9xNT.exe to install Jet 4.0 SP5 on computers that are
running Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0.
Download Jet40SP5_9xNT.exe


For Computers That Are Running Microsoft Windows 2000:
Use Jet40SP5_W2K.exe to install Jet 4.0 SP5 on computers that are
running Windows 2000.
Download Jet40SP5_W2K.exe now


One can roll back this change back the service pack by adding "-y -q" to the
command line when I ran the distribution module on Windows 2000 Server. This is not documented anywhere that I could find, but it works because the distribution module uses hotfix.exe.

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