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22 Oct

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Case Summary: HTML tag characters appearing in Email Notification messages - Occurs on Server 2008 64 bit versions only
ID: 2666
Date Created: 07/09/2010
Last Modified: 05/27/2011
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center 6.0
After much research, it appears that web+center installations with Server 2008 64 bit only, the ASP replace() function fails and it clobbers one character on the left.. so it can be fixed by adding a single space like:

old method:

NewText = replace(NewText, chr(10), "<br>")

New Method:

NewText = replace(NewText, chr(10), " <br>")

Notice the extra space before the <br> tag after the quote.

To remedy this problem we made one change to HTMLEmailTemplaceTechUpdate.inc in the language directory..

The Line of code around line 1168

NewText = replace(NewText, chr(10), "<br>")

needs to be replaced with (Extra space before the <br> tag):

NewText = replace(NewText, chr(10), " <br>")

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