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Case Summary: How can one change the Tech+Center New Case Send Customer Notification Email setting from default of YES to NO.
ID: 2643
Date Created: 05/21/2010
Last Modified: 05/21/2010
Problem Type: Question
Item: Web+Center 6.0
The Tech+Center will default to Send Email/No Email customer notification radio box to YES for new cases created in the tech+center and then default to NO for additional updates.

To change this behavior so that it always defaults to NO or to YES, edit the TCaseForm.asp in the Techcenter directory with a text editor like textpad (free from textpad.com).

Search Find the lines around line number 1186 that show:

if Case_number = "NEW" THEN' If new case then default to sending email
<input id=forradiobuttonred type=radio name=sendemail value="NO"> <%=wc_No_Email%><br>

<input id=forradiobuttongreen type=radio name=sendemail value="YES" CHECKED> <%=wc_Send_Email%>

To default the send Email to NO for new cases, move the word CHECKED from the second input tag line to the first so the first looks like:

<input id=forradiobuttonred type=radio name=sendemail value="NO" CHECKED> <%=wc_No_Email%><br>

and the second line looks like:

<input id=forradiobuttongreen type=radio name=sendemail value="YES" > <%=wc_Send_Email%>

A similar change can be done for the set of statements directly following these sets of lines for an existing case and how the Send Email notification option is configured by default.

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