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Case Summary: Is there a way to cc the administrator on the email generated when a customer self registers?
ID: 2612
Date Created: 02/16/2010
Last Modified: 02/16/2010
Problem Type: Question
Item: Customer+Center
To send an additional email to an administrator when a person self registers, edit the DoRegistration.asp module located in the customercenter directory.

Find the lines of code that say:

If ToEmail <> "" And 1 = CInt(Customer_Case_notify) Then
If MyOs = "Windows" Then
SendEmail ToEmail, ToFullName, SubjectLine, Message
SendLinuxEmail ToEmail, ToFullName, SubjectLine, Message
End if
End If

Copy and paste the line listed below as:

SendEmail ToEmail, ToFullName, SubjectLine, Message

and change it to:

SendEmail "Lparker@marcainc.com", "Larry Parker", SubjectLine, Message

So you should have two sendemail lines inside of the IF statement. This will send both username and password so if you don't want to view their password, you could edit the body text if needed.

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