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Case Summary: How to create different Customer_ID Keys
ID: 261
Date Created: 02/23/2001
Last Modified: 02/23/2001
Problem Type: Enhancement Request
Item: Web+Center 3.0
There are three places where will need to change the code that creates the customer ID to be consistent across all three of the tools (Tech+Center, Customer+Center and

In the techcenter directory, the DoNewCustomer.asp must be modified.
In customercenter directory, the DoRegister.asp module must be modified.
In the Businesscenter directory the DoEmailListReg.asp module be modified. The customer_id key you create must be unique and cannot contain any spaces. It is a 20
character Text key that is displayed in several HTML drop down lists and in other parts of the displayed page so whatever customer_id keys are created, they should be
meaningful. There might possibly be other implications by creating a key that is not created using LastName_FirstName as the key. The key should also not contain any
extra leading or trailing spaces.

This type of change requires ASP programming skills and some database knowledge. We do not recommend this change if possible but this solution should work.

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