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Case Summary: Connecting to Remote SQL*Server Database
ID: 260
Date Created: 02/23/2001
Last Modified: 02/23/2001
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Database
When IIS and SQL Server are running on separate machines, the NT domain security
must be set up to allow named pipes connections between the two servers.
The NT user account under which IIS runs anonymous processes
(IUSR_servername is the default) must be registered on both the Web server and the
SQL Server.
IUSR_servername must be a domain user and must have sufficient security
privileges to establish named pipe connections between the Web server and the SQL

For additional information, refer to the following Microsoft knowledge base articles
which explain important interactions between NT network domains, IIS, and SQL

Alternatively, you can modify the registry to run all applications as the system using
the following key:
Under W3SVC/Parameters, place the value CreateProcessAsUser as a
REG_DWORD and give it a value of 0. This causes CGIs to run with the
CreateProcess( ) API and run in the system context.
Note: This has serious security implications because CGI scripts will have much
greater access to the system than they normally would.

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