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Case Summary: How can we configure the Time and Billing Record for the customer+Center case form?
ID: 2569
Date Created: 09/14/2009
Last Modified: 09/14/2009
Problem Type: Question
Item: Customer+Center
yes.. this easily configurable.

You can disable the time and billing entirely by unchecking that option on the system configurtion options page.

You can control whether the customer sees that information by editing the options listed in codecustomizations.inc file located in the language directory.

Edit that file with a text editor and you will see the options avaiable.

You will see the lines of:

' Extended Time Spent Options - Select options to display time and billing information for customer views
' These settings define the configuration for all users EXCEPT individual customers can have
' separate definitions that OVERRIDE these global settings.

' The individual customer override are defined in the Login_ip field for each customer.
' This has been converted to a configurable option for each customer in the login_ip field.
' Review the DoNewCase.asp code in the techcenter for details.

' To disable these settings, simply comment out the setting you want to disable.

DisplayTimeSpentOnCustomerCase = "YES" ' Default is YES comment out this line to disable
SendTimeSpentInCustomerEmail = "YES" ' Default is YES. comment out this line to disable
DisplayTimeSpentAuthorizationButton = "YES" ' Default is YES comment out this line to disable

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