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Case Summary: Is there a way to email a notification to the admin or dispatcher that a new help ticket has been
ID: 228
Date Created: 01/19/2001
Last Modified: 01/19/2001
Problem Type: Question
Item: Tech+Center
Yes... Using the Group Notification option this can be done. Use the steps below:
1) Add a tech staff member to the default group (admin or dispatcher or any tech staff). Click on Administration.. the Add Staff Member to support group.
2) Select a staff member and select which group is defined as the (default) group.

3) Submit this change.
4) Now edit that tech account by clicking the Edit Staff member option under Administration.
5) Under the Support Group Membership area, you should see the default group that you have place this tech member into. Check the box that says Notify by Email if a case is assigned to this group. Submit the form.
6) Now when a customer submits a case, this tech will be notified by email when any case is initially assigned to the default group.

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