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28 Oct

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Case Summary: Problem accessing database, Error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005) reported
ID: 200
Date Created: 12/11/2000
Last Modified: 12/11/2000
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Database
The userid and password in the db_define.inc files in the businesscenter, customercenter and techcenter directories, and the css_access.dat file in the techcenter directory must match the userid and password define in the access database file and it also must match the settings setup in the ODBC advanced settings.

If the database does not have any user login define, the db_define.inc files should be the line:

myDSN ="DSN=webcenter30_db;uid=;pwd="

The DSN defaults to a uid of wc30 and a password of wc30pass but these can be modified.

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