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Case Summary: How to change the URL for the login link for the customer or the tech to be a specific link. This might be required if technicians are accessing the Web+Center with a local internal IP address and customers are accessing the site using an enternal or domain name. Use this approach if you are using https:// secured website and require the links of the email links to be correct.
ID: 1975
Date Created: 08/11/2006
Last Modified: 10/08/2008
Problem Type: Question
Item: Customer+Center
You can force the case link to be exactly the URL you want by changing some links in the DoTCaseForm.asp (techcenter directory) module and the DoCaseForm.asp (Customercenter directory).

Open up the DoCaseForm.asp and DoTCaseForm.asp and search for the text:

CaseLink =

There are a few places in each of these modules where the login link that is placed in the email is passed is created as a VB variables before it is passed to the routine to create the HTML email that has the link.

Change the first part of the line from:

CaseLink = "http://" & hostname & Virtual_path & "

replace the hostname with direct string you want like "www.mycompany.com" Besure to use proper VB string syntax.

There are links for the tech emails and different ones for the customer emails. Please review which subroutine you are modifying the email link text before making the change.

If you are running customer surveys, then you must also edit one additional file call DoSingleSurvey.asp line 392 that has a similar
line that can be edited to fit any specialized requirements.

That line is:

CaseLink = "http://" & hostname & Virtual_path & "?CN=" & Case_Number

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