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Case Summary: An 'Operation not Allowed' error occurs when attempting to download files over 200K using the File Download Feature.
ID: 1960
Date Created: 07/27/2006
Last Modified: 03/22/2012
Problem Type: Question
Item: Customer+Center
IIS is unable to upload file attachments that are greater than 200kb in size by default as a result of the increased security found in IIS6.

For IIS 6 follow these steps below.. For IIS 7, see other steps at the bottom:

------------ IIS 6.0 solution

In order to circumvent this problem, follow the steps below:

* Make a backup of the c:\windows\system32\inetsvr\metabase.xml

* You will probably need to stop the IIS admin service before it will let you save this file.

* Edit metabase.xm (with note pad or other text editor)l (Note: you may need to first check "Allow direct editing of Metabase file" in the IIS settings).

* Find the line "AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed" and change the value to "10485760".

This allows IIS to create ASP objects that can be up to 10MB in size.

For Internet Information Services IIS 7.0 - Use this method

For IIS 7.0, this can be fixed by clicking on the default website in IIS, double clicking on the ASP icon, and then expanding the limits Properties and then you will find the Maximum Requesting Entity Body Limit and increase this from 200,000 bytes to a larger value as needed (2,000,000).

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