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28 Oct

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Case Summary: Extended Time Spent Reports reports totals of zero with SQL*Server version.
ID: 1793
Date Created: 01/27/2006
Last Modified: 08/04/2011
Problem Type: Enhancement Request
Item: Tech+Center
The Hours and HourlyRate columns in the TimeSpent Table should have a default value of zero associated with that column.

To fix this, go into the Enterprise manager and into the webcenter50 table and select the timespent table in design mode and then add a default value of 0 for the hours and hourlyrate columns and save these design changes.

We have also fixed this problem but defaulting the hours and hourly rate to zero if it is left blank by setting these values to zero.

A new version of DoTCaseForm.asp is available from the version server after January 31, 2006 with this correction.

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