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Case Summary: How to add a non default port number of email notification links
ID: 1693
Date Created: 09/08/2005
Last Modified: 09/08/2005
Problem Type: Question
Item: Web+Center 5.0
Email notifications are sent out to customers and techs when a support case is updated. Inside of the email notifications are options for the customer or the tech to log into the system directly the HTML email. The links assume default port 80 or the default port. IF you need to add a custom port number like :8085 to the link, make the following customizations to these three ASP modules.

In each of the 3 modules listed below, there are (3) places where the case link must be customized with the port number.

The modules are:

(1) DoTCaseForm.asp (techcenter directory)
(2) DoCaseForm.asp (customercenter directory)
(3) DoPCaseForm.asp (pocketcenter directory)

If you search for lines that have the keyword "CaseLink" you will find lines like:

CaseLink = "http://" & hostname & Virtual_path &"?ID=" & Tech_ID & "&N=" & Case_Number

To add a custom port number, modify the area near the hostname from the syntax of:

& hostname & Virtual_path &


& hostname & ":8085" & Virtual_path &

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