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Case Summary: How to install the Web+Center ASP mailer (from Email Architect) for Web+Center Version 5.0 separately if you copied and pasted Web+Center files from another machine.
ID: 1606
Date Created: 06/02/2005
Last Modified: 06/02/2005
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center 5.0
If you installed Web+Center originally on one machine and then copied the file directory to another machine, there is one file that is installed as part of the original install that must be copied over to the new machine and registered as well. This is the ASP mailer that we have licensed from Email Architect. During a normal installation, the webcenter50.exe will install and self register the AOSMTP.dll file. This file must be found on your original system and copied to the new system and then follow the steps listed below.

1. copy aosmtp.dll to destination machine. (run-time file of ANSMTP)
2. run "Regsvr32 [path]\aosmtp.dll" under dos prompt. (register ANSMTP as com object)

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